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How Does your Local SEO Marketing Stack Up?

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Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why is local SEO important?

  • Increases the local reach of your brand,
  • Grows online community (locally), and
  • Drives relevant traffic through publishing and syndication of compelling local content online.

Tip #1 – Mentions & Reviews

Increasing online mentions and positive reviews of your brand will help grow your future customers’ visibility. Over 75% of online users will never make it to your website, but they will check you online. The more mentions you have in these social media channels helps you gain more relevance and visibility on these websites. Connecting with brands and influences relevant to your business will also help you be more visible in search engines and social networks. This digital marketing strategy combines social media and content marketing with search engine optimization.

Tip #2 – Use Your Data to Your Advantage

Every business has data that can help you be more successful with your digital marketing results. We use digital intelligence to narrow down the options for developing a regional and local snapshot of your business about your competition. Becoming one of the most relevant results in your geographical area (on desktop and mobile devices) becomes a lot easier when you have data that maps out how to do this. Geo-specific content will further localize digital marketing efforts to increase brand visibility on mobile devices and local search results. (Get a Free Local SEO Digital Intelligence report below!)

Secret Sauce

Collaboration with Mint Social will create a massive online publishing footprint for building new online communities around your brand. Our digital marketing strategy targets online conversations in the most relevant marketing channels to educate and inform prospects about your business in your area(s).

Our methodology utilizes industry best practices for maximizing results for:
1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
2. Social Media Marketing
3. Content Marketing
4. Local Search Marketing
5. Citation Listings with Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) Data
6. Link-building (for SEO)
7. Social Media Marketing Tools and Dashboard

Our Local SEO Marketing Model

Our ‘Associated Press’ online marketing model is ideal for businesses with multiple locations under one brand or numerous brands (franchises).

Where you are a single or multiple location business, these three tiers serve as the main components to our marketing plan:

Compelling Content – The overall messaging directed from the brand for each business location and respective social media profiles.

Geo-targeted Content – Each location and geographical area’s personality will come out here with more personalized messaging specific to communities in your target area(s).

Location-Based Marketing (LBM) – is defined as the use of marketing to target mobile users within a certain geographic area to increase effectiveness. A business can use location-based marketing strategies in many different ways, such as sending proximity messages (ex. in-store 100-200 meters) using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi via Location-based broadcast specialty a mid-range Geofencing Solution with Targeted SMS, Push Messages or PassBook Coupons.