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Mobile-First Website Development

Website Development That Works Offline
Welcome to the Future of the Web

A bold statement we know, but we live in a Mobile-First world where 70% of online experiences begin on a mobile device. Building for this user experience requires engaging your audience within 2 seconds or you will start losing prospects. This is called lazy loading. It is like painting. You start at the top and work your way done. As the page loads (it is called painting), you provide a dynamic experience to keep the ADD mindset occupied before the Bounce.

Mobile-first design for 2 seconds or less means you have the fastest content on the first visit and a remarkable and native experience for every visitor. What happens next is even more remarkable…an increase in conversion rates and an increase in user satisfaction.

Predictably Fast Load Times

Take this test to see how fast your website loads. https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com/

You do not need to have the fastest website on the internet, just faster than your competition!

Benefits we see with fast loading website pages:
  • Better rankings in Google, and an increase in click-throughs from better user engagement.
  • Higher likelihood of grabbing your competitors’ prospects.
  • The best possible user experience across multi-platforms.
  • Only support one technology stack to reduce development complexity and ongoing costs to support.
  • An increase in leads and/or online sales.
  • Own more real estate in Google search results and increase the likelihood of engagement (by 300%).

Websites So Good They Work Offline™ (Nerd Version)