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digital marketing FAQs by MINT Social

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Tell us about MINT Social and how it was started?

Mint Social is an award-winning digital marketing company. We accelerate online marketing results to help businesses get found online. Businesses hire us to:

  • build a content marketing engine to grow influence and engagement online.
  • create a seamless online experience for search, social, mobile and local marketing.
  • to attract and convert prospects into customers.
  • to retain and evangelize your customer base.

Mint Social launched in 2008 as a social media marketing and online branding company. Our commit then remains true today… to streamline and simplify the digital marketing process with measurable results. Our blend of best-in-class digital marketing tools, talent and technology gives your business the competitive edge and foresight to grow today and for years to come.

Our unique approach to online marketing is centered on accelerating successes and failures. Every business we work with is unique, yet our experience gives us the foresight for predictive results that we call “truth” mapping and failure hacking…fail fast to accelerate success. We learn from every digital marketing campaign we launch to guide us to the true path of marketing success for your business.

What problem do you solve for businesses?

We answer the question of where a business will get the highest return with their digital marketing budget. The old adage that I know 50% of my marketing & advertising budget is working but I don’t’ know which half it is gets solved.

How do you specifically solve this problem for businesses?

We start with digital intelligence analysis of a business and their competition. This gives us immediate insight into where the opportunities are for getting quick and consistent wins.

We have created what we call Evidence-Based Marketing. Evidence-based marketing looks at the successes and failures of your online marketing for developing predictive successes.

All businesses have data silos, customer data, website data, etc. that is typically lying around in separate departments. Our business intelligence and machine learning system identify patterns for predictive digital marketing success. Sometimes it is as easy as plugging in the data and waiting a few minutes to mine gold from the data.

What is the biggest opportunity facing businesses when it comes to digital marketing?

1. Websites that are mobile-first and have an amazing user experience.

2. Data:

  • Data is heaped all over the place
  • Lots of Data Manual Re-Entry & Manipulation Slowing Down Key Processes
  • Departments Make Tech Decisions without Understanding the Effect on the Organization
  • Information is contained within its own department. Departments try to keep up with data integrity, software, CRMs, etc., but the investment and cognitive load are high and time and bandwidth are a precious commodity within every business.

What is the biggest challenge that businesses will face in the next few years?

Data and the time it takes to answer questions related to data.

What does MINT Social do to keep up with the constant and changing technology in digital marketing and social media?

  1. We play Dumb…like Columbo. We don’t assume, we ask many questions, we research the Web, we experiment on the Web (all the time), we learn from failures and successes and we find the true path towards predictive marketing success.
  2. We are Lazy…with data loading to maximize speed and engagement of the mobile web.
  3. We are Arrogant (after we play dumb). We are confident in our approach to Digital Strategy but we are not the right fit for everybody. We are also humble in that we are honored for opportunities to explore if we are a fit for a business to help it grow.

Where is my biggest ROI when it comes to marketing?

It starts by knowing what your cost per acquisition is for a lead and a customer. Additionally, if you know what is the lifetime value of a customer, you have benchmarks to measure where your top channels are for ROI.

Why is “Local Everywhere” important to my business?

Every business is local. Even if your customers are global, we do business in cities, neighborhoods and businesses become part of the community. A business needs to think about its local footprint and the fact that